New Initiatives Program

Submissions have closed.  If you have any questions, please contact Quintin McClellan at
The CUTC New Initiatives Program enables CUTC members to propose one-time or ongoing activities that advance the goals of the organization. Proposals can be submitted for activities that bring benefit to CUTC members through technology transfer, workforce development, and synthesis-type research.  Proposals for conducting research projects are not eligible for this program.
Examples of activities that could be proposed include:
  • Workforce development summit
  • Primer or webinar series to help post-secondary students improve their writing skills
  • Travel scholarships
  • Educational materials to expose the future workforce to the breadth of transportation careers
The program is subject to funding constraints.  The maximum amount for a budget request is $15,000 per year; multi-year initiatives can be proposed.  Applicants who receive funding for a multi-year initiative will be required to present a progress report to the Executive Committee annually. A maximum of 3 initiatives can be awarded each year by the Executive Committee, depending on available budget.
Any CUTC member in good standing can submit a proposal; at least two member schools must champion an idea.
The review panel will be composed of a combination of CUTC members-at-large and Executive Committee members.  In May, the panel will review, rate and recommend proposals for funding.  Proposals recommended by the review panel that are requesting more than $5,000, will be required to present the idea to the review panel at the summer meeting.  Applications requesting $5,000 or less can be approved without a presentation. The indirect rate for any proposed project is capped at 10 percent.


If you have any questions, please contact Quintin McClellan at
Please submit your proposals by May 31.