Member Highlight 2010

Nov-2010November 2010

University of Washington: University of Washington Students Create ‘OneBusAway’ Program To Encourage Public Transportation






Oct-2010October 2010

University of Connecticut: The Value of Livable Communities






Sep-2010September 2010

University of Florida: Characterizing the Tradeoffs and Costs Associated with Transportation Congestion in Supply Chains






Aug-2010August 2010

University of Memphis: The Center for Intermodal Freight Transportation Studies Provides Forum for Local and National Freight Transportation Issues






July-2010July 2010

Louisiana State University: National Evacuation Conference Features State-of-the-Art Evacuation Modeling and Analysis





June-2010June 2010

University of Alabama at Birmingham: Urban Sprawl and Delayed Emergency Services Arrival






May-2010May 2010

Michigan Technological University: Helping to Build a Safe and Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure





April-2010April 2010

North Dakota State University, Mountain-Plains Consortium: Improving Highway Safety by Identifying High Risk Rural Road Segments and Safety Countermeasures





March-2010March 2010

The University of Alabama, University Transportation Center for Alabama, Tuscaloosa: Improving Student Safety: School Bus Seat Belt Pilot Program






Feb-2010February 2010

Rutgers University, Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation: Getting to the Bottom of New Jersey Roads Using Nondestructive Evaluation





Jan-2010January 2010

University of Tennessee and National Transportation Research Center, Inc: UTC Explores “Trusted Truck” Concept to Use Wireless Technology to Ease Roadside Inspections