Member Highlight 2009

nov-09November 2009

Iowa State University, Midwest Transportation Consortium: usRAP: A New Tool for Road Safety Management





oct-09October 2009

Penn State, Larson Institute: New Highway Spurs Advanced Bridge Construction Technologies





sep-09September 2009

Jackson State University, Institute for Multimodal Transportation: Jackson State University’s Institute for Multimodal Transportation Develops Impact Study for Urban Highway Evacuation





aug-09August 2009

The University of Idaho, National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology: Transferring New Technology to Our Students: Integrating Technology Development and Transportation Education





jul-09July 2009

Youngstown State University, Center for Transportation and Materials Engineering: “Brake-ing” Technology: Public-Private Collaboration Yields New Composite Material For Vehicle Brake Components





june-09June 2009

The City University of New York, University Transportation Research Center Region II:Spatial Analysis and GIS Support for Pedestrian Safety in New York City





may-09May 2009

Montana State University, Western Transportation Institute: Integrating Technologies = New Transportation Solutions





april-09April 2009

Purdue University, NEXTRANS Center :Innovative Solution Helps NEXTRANS Model Travel-Time Reliability





march-09March 2009

Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium: Livability, a Transportation “Threefer”





feb-09February 2009

The University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Mid-America Transportation Center: Mitigating Crash Fires with Fuel Additives





jan-09January 2009

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education: Innovative Use of Spatial Data Assists in Solving Truck Parking Shortage