Member Highlight 2008

dec-08December 2008

University of Massachusetts Transportation Center: A Research Test Bed, a Teaching Laboratory, and a Deployment Project






November 2008

The University of South Florida, National Center for Transit Research at Center for Urban Transportation Research: Travel Assistant Device (TAD) Aids Transit Riders with Special Needs





October 2008

The University of Minnesota, Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute: A New Approach to Rural Intersection Safety





sep-08September 2008

Marshall University, Rahall Transportation Institute: Marshall University Refines Technique to Measure Railroad Track Wear and Deformation






August 2008

Morgan State University, National Center for Transportation Management, Research and Development: Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Traffic Management





july-08July 2008

San Jose State University, Mineta Transportation Institute: Mineta Transportation Institute Studies Risk Created by Highway-Borne Hazardous Materials





may-09May 2008
Missouri University of Science and Technology, National University Transportation Center: University Converts Crude Beer into Hydrogen