Dr. Karen Philbrick

Executive Director and Director of Research

San Jose State University, Mineta Transportation Institute
210 North 4th Street, 4th Floor
San Jose, California 95112
ph: 408.924.7562 karen.philbrick@sjsu.edu

Vice President

Dr. Thomas O’Brien

Executive Director

California State University, Long Beach, Center for International Trade and Transportation
6300 State University Drive, Suite 255
Long Beach, California 90815
ph: 562.985.2875 Thomas.Obrien@csulb.edu


Dr. Chandra R. Bhat

Director, US DOT Center on Data-Supported Transportation Operations and Planning (D-STOP)

University Distinguished Teaching Professor

Joe J. King Chair in Engineering

Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering, Department of Economics (Courtesy Appointment), The University of Texas at Austin
301 E. Dean Keeton St. Stop C1761
Austin, Texas 78713
ph: 512.471.4535 bhat@mail.utexas.edu


Ms. Laurie McGinnis

Director, Center for Transportation Studies

200 Transportation and Safety Building
University of Minnesota
511 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55455
ph: 612.625.3019 mcgin001@umn.edu

Immediate Past President

Dr. Lily Elefteriadou


University of Florida, University of Florida Transportation Institute (UFTI)
365 Weil Hall P.O. Box 116580
Gainesville, Florida 32611-6580
ph: 352.294.7802 elefter@ce.ufl.edu

CUTC Executive Director

Dr. Alison Black

American Road and Transportation Builder’s Association
250 E Street SW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20024
ph: 202.683.1007 ablack@artba.org

Executive Committee

Mr. Stan Caldwell

Executive Director

Traffic21Institute and T-SET National University Transportation Center
Carnegie Mellon University
500 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
ph:412-268-9505 stancaldwell@cmu.edu

Term Expires: 2019

Dr. Musharraf Zaman


Southern Plains Transportation Center
The University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma 73019
ph: 405-325-2626 zaman@ou.edu

Term Expires: 2019

Dr. Michael Hunter


Georgia Institute of Technology, National Center for Transportation Systems Productivity and Management
790 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0355
ph: 404.894.2236 michael.hunter@ce.gatech.edu

Term Expires: 2020

Dr. Laurence Rilett


University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Mid-America Transportation Center
2200 Vine Street, PO Box 454015
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0851
ph: 402.472.1992 lrilett2@unl.edu

Term Expires: 2020

Dr. P.S. Sriraj


Urban Transportation Center
University of Illinois at Chicago
412 South Peoria Street, Suite 340
Chicago, IL 60607
ph: 312-413-7568 Sriraj@uic.edu

Term Expires: 2021

Dr. Michael Knodler


University of Massachusetts Transportation Center University of Massachusetts, Amherst
214B Marston Hall, 130 Natural Resources Road
Amherst, MA 01003
ph: 413.330.2662 mknodler@umass.edu

Term Expires: 2021