University Transportation Centers (UTC) Spotlight Conference

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Each participating CUTC member organization can propose one poster highlighting the center’s research, education or technology transfer impacts.  We hope to accommodate all poster submissions, but depending on the room assigned, space may be limited, so please submit early. The poster proposal deadline is Friday, March 27.

To avoid duplicate proposals, the poster should be submitted by the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) liaison or Research, Education, and Training Reauthorization Coalition (RETRC) liaison for each member organization.

Those presenting posters may want to print their presentation on flexible poster paper to facilitate transportation. Clamps, easels, and poster boards measuring 30 x 40 inches will be provided at the event for presenters to affix and display their poster. Presenters may print and transport their own poster boards if they wish. Vertical free-standing banners, not more than 36 inches wide, are permitted in lieu of a poster.

For registration details and general event information, please visit 

University Transportation Centers Spotlight Conference 2020

  • (At least one individual should be registered by April 10 for the poster to be accepted for presentation)
  • Max 1,250 characters.
  • Please upload a PDF of your presentation/ poster
    Accepted file types: pdf.