Committees & Task Forces

Workforce Development Task Force

Chair: Laurie McGinnis and Tom O’Brien

Work Initiatives: Download the 2012 National Transportation Workforce Summit: Summary of Results

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Communications Task Force

Chair: Tom O’Brien

Mission: Facilitate and promote working relationships within the CUTC membership and to develop and maintain mediums of communication with external groups on behalf of the council for the advancement of university transportation research, education, technology transfer, and workforce development.

Student Awards Committee

Chair: Sue McNeil

Mission:  Annual recognition of outstanding PhD and MS theses in Science/Technology and Policy/Planning, and outstanding non-thesis ME reports in Science/Technology and Policy/Planning.

Professional Awards Committee

Chair: Teresa Adams
Commitee Members: CUTC Members
This committee oversees the solicitation of nominations for all of the CUTC awards but not the CUTC awards given to students. This group administers the judging and/or selection process for these awards.

Nominating Committee

Chair: CUTC President
Committee Members: Vice President and Past President

Mission: Shall prepare a slate of nominees for all offices and Executive Committee Membership to be filled by election as set forth in Article IV of the bylaws.

Membership Committee

Co-Chairs: Lily Elefteriadou and Jill Hough

Mission: The committee shall review the applications of prospective members and make appropriate recommendations to the Membership.